Why I Love the Mall


It could be the fountain, its mesmerizing spray rising in perfect symmetry from an infinite source, freshening the air with its sparkling abundance. Or the way the lights create an eternal noon. All darkness is subdued, all suffering banished. I … Continue reading

Living Myth, Scott Pruitt & Collective Action


Amidst the continuing devolution of American political discourse into a hyperpartisan Tower of Babble, Michael Meade, in a podcast series called Living Myth, cuts through the rhetoric and superficial events to the heart of the matter. He reminds us that … Continue reading

Women’s Museum of Vietnam-Hanoi


This gallery contains 20 photos.

The Vietnam Women’s Museum is a world-class project, a brilliant and poignant collection of photographs, objects common to village life, depictions of custom and women’s roles in village life, also including a wide array of ethnic textiles. It is a sacred celebration … Continue reading

Islamic Arts Museum-Kuala Lumpur


This gallery contains 36 photos.

An unforgettable experience. Possibly the most beautiful collection of art–and the museum itself– I’ve ever visited. It’s three floors of architecture, manuscripts, ceramics, jewellery, arms and armor, textiles, wood, metals covering 1000 years or more and from all distant reaches … Continue reading