How many times in your life do you get a chance to throw the deck up in the air and just watch where it all lands? I am now retired almost 5 years, a single former medical professional launched into a different life. The matrix of my former life suddenly and unexpectedly became more mutable than it had ever been. I had no ties or obligations to a particular place. I remained a parent, but mostly at a distance. All the normal reference points of identity and the behaviors that come with it either loosened or disappeared. In the midst of radical uncertainty, I felt an unfamiliar and delicious lightness.

Hottest pic evah!I also have an orientation to dharma study and practice. I decided to indulge my unending curiosity,  explore a new lifestyle and a new intention: more spontaneity, radical presence, fearlessness, creative integrity and no regrets.

These conditions present an opportunity to blend life and practice, to make life as practice an immediate reality. Who shall I become? A global nomad? A divine madman? A lion, unafraid? Unattached, like the wind? Or like space, not relying on anything? Whatever it is, it will be more fluid and, I hope, reveal something closer to the truth.

I have been exploring new surroundings, new activities, new endeavors and associations. I am looking at my familiar identities and diverging from them; the many small ways that I seek safety in the familiar or…. permit structure to fall away.

This is an exploration of what arises in the moment, spontaneous presence, Being being Itself, seen through the lens of Vajrayana and the offerings of my precious teachers. All appearances, all perceptions and phenomena are both real and illusory, arising spontaneously from the immeasurable potentiality of nothing whatsoever; their essence empty, clear and unlimited.

This is the reality of appearance and the truth of emptiness, realized in the moment. What possibilities does this open? What does such a condition call for? — a freshness, simplicity and joyful, open presence: the roots of authentic compassion-surely the important challenge for every life in every time.

Nearly five years later, who have I become? A nomadic Buddhist? An argonaut of the ineffable? A surfer on the turbulent poetics of decolonization, redefining activism, responding to the emergency of this world.

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  1. You are blowing my mind, leading the way into a future I could only vaguely imagine for myself. What you are doing is… finding The Way. Or, perhaps I should say, A Way. I am beyond impressed and feel grateful to be able to learn from you as you explore (create?) this path.


  2. Gary, I am resonating so deeply with your lovely writings. In a parallel universe (and this one, too, in fact), I am taking the very same journey. Keep it up!


  3. Gary, Thank you! I was reading the blog that included Trungpa’s quote about forgetting I believe (I forget if he wrote that) and it stimulated me to re-connect with presence that which in me is committed to becoming free…Love, Lynne. Keep it up.


  4. Thanks, Karen. Finally got around to doing a wordpress search. Glad I found your blog. The real value of connecting to others such as yourself, contributing to collective intelligence, is becoming clear.

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  5. Without a sense of humor surely there-will be mis-pereception. It is NEVER helpful to tell the world DONT do something; it has a diametrically opposed vibration to the beautiful resonance of appreciation. You can feel the difference: “Don’t believe everything you think” or “I appreciate you’re wild-mind, even if it’s different than me.” Energetically if you feel the usages of these different ways of using words, you can feel how, the first one is a shutting down of energy, and the second one is an opening of energy. When leaving a comment, especially from one person to the next, it is always important to transmit encouragement rather than a DONT because a DONT, like the civilized world and its isms, doesn’t and can’t appreciate the multitude of differences. When a DONT is present it is the result of mis-percieving how to acknowledge difference in a heart-felt way. By the way, I really enjoy your site, I really appreciate what you say about the blend between real life and practice and the break-down of perception between them, they are one thing. Thanks for sharing! And please remember when posting, it is not helpful to write DONT because it energetically counter-acts the vibrational intention from which appreciation naturally flows. You don’t have to think about it, feel it. I highly suggest it, it doesn’t serve you whatsoever to the use word DONT in any context; it’s too Thou Shall Not in vibration, and from the looks of what you share on your post–it’s not how you desire to approach people nor the outer-world. It sounds like perhaps you have a hard time embracing wild-mind in yourself, perhaps you have some confusion about what wild-mind is in your experience? Maybe you are afraid of your own thoughts? Maybe you are afraid to step further out of the comfortable, putrid box, of an ISM?


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