Becoming still


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A few things are starting to emerge from the buzz of being back in North America. The most unsettling and disorienting feature of life in the fast lane is that here, every lane is the fast lane. There is no … Continue reading



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Since virtually all the shops here are open-air and merchandise is creatively displayed under canopies and all is visible on passing, I’ve been continuously struck by the diversity, color and design of both traditional Thai costume and the contemporary version … Continue reading

Dust in the corners


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Many times throughout any given day I have moments of reflection on being here. Yes, I’m really here and I’m not even halfway to any date of departure. Everywhere I look is the familiar and the not so familiar, the … Continue reading

The new, the old and the timeless


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After landing in BKK, navigating the midnight massive flow of arriving tourists in the indoor stadium-sized baggage claim/immigration area, I finally got into my hotel room about 1:30am Friday. But it turns out that airport hotels are…near airports… and the … Continue reading