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Upon arriving in Bangkok on our minivan ride from the Koh Chang ferry, we discovered to our surprise that we only had an hour before catching a commuter train to Ayuthaya, about 70km north of the city. We had originally … Continue reading

San Khampaeng


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Two weeks ago we left the city. Yes, with its conveniences, entertainment, cultural attractions, social opportunities, modernity, traffic, pollution, density and noise. My beloved Sara arrived. After a week in a hotel room/apartment, negotiating her transition to an unfamiliar culture … Continue reading

On the Road Again…


Tomorrow I depart for Thailand. Again. It’s been a long and busy summer, full of creative pursuits, travel, family connection, romance, learning and lots of contemplation. At the beginning of the summer, having just returned from 5 months of travel, … Continue reading

The Sanctuary of Truth


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I don’t want to leave the impression that Pattaya or this little slice of Thailand on the coast is quite as naturally colorless or socially grim as I may have painted it. If you find your way here, for whatever … Continue reading



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I’m in a holding pattern, waiting for my flights back home. This pattern happens to be occurring 2 hours south in a dense and busy city on the Gulf of Siam, known for, well, let’s leave that for later. I’d … Continue reading



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I had intended for this day to be a day of reflection. Although there are gems of culture, commerce and human ingenuity lurking everywhere around the next corner or down the next alley, I  had minimal desire to go out … Continue reading

Wat Chedi Luang


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I don’t quite recall how my attention was drawn to Wat Chedi Luang. Maybe it was mentioned in some online resources I reviewed recently. Maybe it was Lonely Planet. But regardless, I took off this morning to see it. It’s … Continue reading