Kalachakra: Swimming In An Ocean of Benefit


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As the program moved into the teachings on Shantideva’s Way of the Bodhisattva, more people arrive to the covered venue. They are now lining the walkways, even sitting across from each other in the narrow aisles between the corrals. The … Continue reading

Kalachakra: Immersion


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Our first task upon arrival in Bodhgaya was to register for the event and get our ID badges. We found the registration area, but the gate was closed and guarded from the inside. We could see multiple lines waiting to … Continue reading

Bodhgaya IV–color and contrasts


Another visit to Maha Bodhi Temple. So much to see and feel here. Color and design.

DSC04639   DSC04640

The ocean of devotion.




A prostration board soaked in sweat.

The ngondro practice is not mere recitation or repetition. It is the deliberate progressive effacement of ego, a slow drip of purification to reveal that which is already unstained.









An amazing display of flower arranging–mostly marigold.


I spent part of the morning yesterday visiting an semi-rural orphanage/school, the Human Development Charitable Trust, which is completely dependent on the kindness of strangers. The most primitive of conditions. The most radiant faces.


DSC04635    DSC04636








Abundance and squalor:

DSC04673  DSC04675



The complete destruction of a waterway.

Thailand has more than a dozen installations in Bodhgaya, including this most beautiful (and from what I can tell, almost entirely hidden) Thai temple I’ve seen anywhere, including Thailand. Its peaked roof is barely visible from the Maha Bodhi temple. It’s actually difficult to find. And it’s huge, including a monastery–of course!–and a large residential facility solely for visiting Thais. As striking as it is from the outside, it was the inside that left me slack-jawed.


DSC04683    DSC04680

The inner walls and ceilings of most Thai temples are painted with scenes depicting Buddhist philosophy and the Life of Buddha. These were the most finely detailed and colourful of all.


DSC04693    DSC04691


DSC04688   DSC04687


Buddha’s enlightenment


All in all, a deeply provocative experience for my visit to India in decades. I’m so glad I came, though I also won’t be sad to leave. If I return, it will be for a different reason, at a different pace, and at a different time of year.


Ceiling mandala at Nyingma temple, Bodhgaya


Ceiling painting at Nyingma temple


Nyingma Temple exterior painting


Bodhgaya III


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Those of us attending the teachings at Tergar Monastery, also referred to as the Karmapa Monastery, were graced with a brief visit from the Karmapa himself on Wednesday, along with his retinue of attendants and uniformed Indian military armed guards. … Continue reading