James Hansen comes to Paris


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Paris, December 3, 2015 Somewhere, deep in college-time memory, I recall a few Greek tragedies from my obligate and wonderful humanities courses. On the way to destruction, the hero’s hubris blinds him from heeding the sage advice of a soothsayer, … Continue reading

Greetings from Paris: COP21


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Posting from email: Greetings, CCL supporters and friends, Don’t worry, we stayed clear of the tear gas yesterday. Evidently the disturbance was provoked by a small number of masked young men in black, likely provocateur anarchists, after a peaceful “human … Continue reading

The hot seat of power…


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The annual meeting of the Citizens Climate Lobby, as in previous years, is being held in the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. This is a huge and old hotel, reminiscent of the Palace Hotel or the Mark Hopkins in … Continue reading

Olive Nepal


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Aryan Uprety is an educational consultant with a degree in social work. Olive Nepal, formed in February, 2014, is an environmental advocacy group and a registered non-profit NGO. Aryan became the Nepal coordinator for CCL in August, 2014. ONCE Institute, formed … Continue reading



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The plan was hatched on Tuesday at the Offices of Citizens Climate Lobby, Nepal and Aryan’s other environmental venture, Olive Nepal. The four of us (me, Aryan, the brothers Adesh and Adarsha and their friend Subash–all activists ) would stay over Wednesday … Continue reading



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I had intended for this day to be a day of reflection. Although there are gems of culture, commerce and human ingenuity lurking everywhere around the next corner or down the next alley, I  had minimal desire to go out … Continue reading