Phnom Penh


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On arrival, Phnom Penh could be any one of a score of cities in Asia. I recognise the elements of population density, standard of living, cleanliness, infrastructure, pace, the general behaviour of drivers, traffic control systems. Here, many of the … Continue reading

Happiness in the Era of Trump


Bodhicitta is a way of connecting to other lives, of saying we are nothing without that connection and that our connection to each other is deeper than we can ever truly know. As if suddenly dropped into an alien landscape … Continue reading

The Language of Water


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I want to learn the language of water. Surely it is a tongue that will ease the suffering of trying to speak the Babel of this world. It is a language of movement into all places, all conditions, solving and … Continue reading

Elephant Camp


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After much research and processing multiple scheduling considerations, we finally booked a half-day with elephants. Elephant camps are plentiful here in northern Thailand and there is a very evident serious conservation ethic. There are also elephant “shows,” more like a … Continue reading

Silk Factory


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Among our meandering travels into and around Chiangmai, we’ve passed several “silk factories.” Not every one is an actual factory on site. More like a vendor selling both raw fabric as well as handmade and factory made apparel. But we … Continue reading