Choeung Ek and Tuol Sleng


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There are two facilities, two locations of interest, that must not be overlooked on any trip to Phnom Penh. They are memorials of the unspeakable crimes that took place during the time of the Communist Khmer Rouge from 1975-79. These sites … Continue reading

Phnom Penh


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On arrival, Phnom Penh could be any one of a score of cities in Asia. I recognise the elements of population density, standard of living, cleanliness, infrastructure, pace, the general behaviour of drivers, traffic control systems. Here, many of the … Continue reading

James Hansen comes to Paris


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Paris, December 3, 2015 Somewhere, deep in college-time memory, I recall a few Greek tragedies from my obligate and wonderful humanities courses. On the way to destruction, the hero’s hubris blinds him from heeding the sage advice of a soothsayer, … Continue reading

Siem Reap IV: Angkor Wat redux


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As I mentioned in Siem Reap II, the visit to the National Museum spurred me to return to Angkor Wat. My intention was to view more of the murals that I missed the first time around. The murals are visible … Continue reading

Siem Reap III: Banteay Srei and Preah Khan


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People come to Siem Reap for the temples. At least at first. It may seem that this is all I did. It was not. But for a limited visit, this was my priority. Temple touring does require a degree of … Continue reading

Siem Reap II: Bookends


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There are two sites in Siem Reap that I now consider bookends of the experience so far. Not being an experienced world traveler nor a historian, let alone an Asian historian, and this being my first visit to Cambodia, I … Continue reading

Siem Reap: Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Phrom


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I am already fascinated with Cambodia. The people, the ambience, the art, the history–all distinctive, fresh and intriguing. From the first moment of landing, I was not in Just Another Asian country. Immigration is always a fun house. This was … Continue reading