The Toxic Masculine Empire Strikes Back

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There are many ways to describe the human drama at this moment. We can talk about psychology or brain function, economic ideologies or politics, philosophy and religion. All of them have a kernel of truth. Here is another way to say it:

Deeper than ideology and psychology, perhaps even deeper than brain function, we can speak in energetic and spiritual terms about the human disease. Masculine energy is a rising force in the body/mind, an energetic evolution toward material accomplishment, a commanding view and a spiritual search for enlightenment. The feminine is an earth-bound force, rooting in the soil of life, a generative force driven by an erotic principle, connecting and interpreting spiritual awareness in the earthbound terms of community, equality and mutual nourishment. In the most basic terms, the masculine is in profound polarity to the feminine.

In a healthy culture, those energies would be circulating freely without restriction or corruption, nourished universally and manifested in tangible and humane social structures, institutions affirming our rightful place in equal status with other living beings and the living earth itself.

In terms of the chakra system of understanding human yearnings, flaws and behaviors, the wounded male energy of the current world denies the erotic, lives in and for the upper chakras sourcing his power in vision, setting the terms of existence and progress and defining the longing of his fellow humans in base and selfish ways, separating his friends from his enemies, those who deserve his attention and those who do not. Yes, the wounded male also operates in and from the second chakra, but those energies are corrupted, manifesting as toxic domination and objectification, out of touch with the nature or practice of healing  and unifying forces. In the worst case, he is ignorant of and resistant to any complementarity

This domination and subjugation extends to the feminine as misogyny, Other-ising fellow humans in the form of racism, colonialism and exclusion; to the earth as the ecocide based on the myth of separation and the myth of extraction without consequence. The wounded female is separated from her power and influence by the subjugation of men, by the loss, denial or imprisonment of her generative, erotic force and thus the connection between her creative energies and her personal power. The true nature of her spiritual powers and vision are blocked or stunted

The wounded masculine is extremely threatened by the rise of intact feminine power and energy. The very foundation of his vision and control are under siege. Thus we see throughout the world the backlash, the retrenchment and embattled mentality of the wounded masculine in the form of legislative initiatives to depress and control the manifestations of feminine expression of her essential erotic powers; the resistance to codifying equality and reversing institutionalized oppression and increasing outright violence.  Media giants under the operation and control of men subtly propagate this agenda, conveying, among other ways, their ongoing (and increasingly blatant) bias against the possibility of a female being elected as America’s President.

The rise of nativism, the retrenchment of racism, the creeping autocracy and fascism, the reversal of environmental laws, the denial of climate change, the doubling down on extractive practices, white collar and government corruption and even the unchecked  dissemination of poisons into the atmosphere, waters and soil around the world can all be interpreted as reinforcing Other-ism and the backlash of toxic masculinity, as aggressive attempts to deny, control and sequester erotic, untamable dark forces; to deny and repress the human shadow; to damn (and dam) the ideologies of community, diversity, equality and inclusion; to re-assert autocratic control by deeply dysfunctional, wounded and now blatantly omnicidal (terminally wounded) men.

The earth-cult empire of the wounded masculine, including the billionaires and all their henchmen whose wealth depends on oppression, exclusion, domination and objectification is now demanding we all drink the kool-aid, as if that alone could wipe away the collapse already underway.

The healing of the feminine force, opening the essential creative and generative energies to manifest through the centers of personal power, vision and spiritual attainment offers an alternative clarity, an inspiring and infectious force rooted in connection, collective action, equality, inclusion and a celebration of diversity.

The upper centers of the subtle body manifesting empathy, compassion; the heart speaking with a thousand tongues; telepathy (giving voice to deep and common yearning), clairvoyance (the ability to, as Rumi said, “close both eyes to see with the other eye”) and the ability to interpret the elemental as divine nature is the promise of the awakened feminine, which is not to say these powers and reformulation of essential energies are only accessible to the female, just that men may have to struggle a little more to unlock them. This struggle is, fortunately, also expanding everywhere we look.

The awakened male will have his own interpretation of these energies. But in the end, they will be congruent, shared, mutually inspiring, fruitful in expression and igniting possibilities we have not seen. Unfortunately, that world remains beyond our grasp. Do we have enough time? Unless there is a virtual instantaneous and universal paradigm shift away from the wounded masculine and a corresponding rise of integral feminine presence co-creating with the healthy masculine, reversing the pervasive and common symptoms of the core disease, our demise as a species will likely continue to accelerate toward the abyss.

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