the collapse of vertical imagination

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the natural longing of the human soul
knows no boundaries
no nations or culture
no blood no skin color
it knows nothing of Others
or the Other within who wants to be seen

it only knows of Self in relation to All
is fueled by dreams and pathways to its heart
igniting its expression

as longing is diminished
Otherness rises

being in the modern world means
having longing obscured
to have dreams trampled is to extinguish longing
to extinguish longing is to bury the soul
to bury the soul is murder
a slow quiet bloodless murder every day

longing and Otherness go together
it’s usually Others that awaken us
as unexpected encounters connect us to
inner Others we did not recognize
as messengers of wealth
pointing to what we have not figured out
on our own

when I die
may I be The One left standing

©gary horvitz, 2017

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