Visiting Lukens Lake


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In June, 2014, nearly three years ago now, during the last vacation trip we would take together, my former partner and I made a brief trip to Yosemite Park.  On the final morning of our visit, we left the car … Continue reading

Just Passing Through


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I When my time comes all the bindings will be undone immersing me in a reversing flow currents converting me to a slow unwinding and un-blinding the final secrets proving all geometries under a starlit sky I will be consumed in … Continue reading

Russia, the Election and the Cruise Attack


Regarding the entire issue of alleged Russian interference in US politics and what is now unfolding in Syria, it might be useful to add some historical perspective: On January 17, 1961, three days before JFK was sworn in, President Dwight … Continue reading

Night of the Racketeers


I don’t know about you, but much of the time these days I am wading through the hip-deep mud that emanates from the White House. Leaping from the delirious unraveling going on, composting social and political structures and identities into … Continue reading