A Sweet Aside II

In March, 2015, I wrote about discovering a small dance studio across the street from my hotel. Two young girls, ages 5 & 7, were learning traditional Thai dance and were strikingly proficient for their ages. I was captured. They were beyond cute as they and their teacher practiced a lengthy routine. With permission from their mothers, I published a description of that experience here.

Since I’m staying in the same hotel, I looked into the studio again and discovered the same two girls rehearsing for an impending performance. Now, two years later, these little ones are significantly more accomplished.  I was welcomed, greeted by the teacher, and watched as they rehearsed much longer and more complex dances than I ever saw them do in 2015.  I was invited to attend a performance only a few days hence including several other students.

The performance took place at the huge Chiang Mai International Convention Centre, where there is an always crowded permanent installation of dozens of small food and product vendors spread throughout a covered area outside the main entrance to the convention halls. There is also a stage where the performances took place.



From rehearsal to performance day:



Spontaneous practice:


Arriving at venue

Last minute prep:






Another couple of years and these little ones will be doing the big girl dances.

1 thought on “A Sweet Aside II

  1. Love the sweet review of the girls progress and the final performance. Stunning colors with silk and flowers and unforgettable smiles.
    This reminds me of the days when I was their age learning Burmese traditional dance from a celebrated male performer that my mother hired to teach me. There was a Burmese song that I sang along with the dance routine that I learned. Can only recall one step and one song phrase, but it was a nice memory to recall.
    Posted from the writers sister


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