Choeung Ek and Tuol Sleng


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There are two facilities, two locations of interest, that must not be overlooked on any trip to Phnom Penh. They are memorials of the unspeakable crimes that took place during the time of the Communist Khmer Rouge from 1975-79. These sites … Continue reading

Phnom Penh


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On arrival, Phnom Penh could be any one of a score of cities in Asia. I recognise the elements of population density, standard of living, cleanliness, infrastructure, pace, the general behaviour of drivers, traffic control systems. Here, many of the … Continue reading

Tibet Now


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  There is a powerful presence in Bodhgaya of ex-pat Tibetans. There are booths along the streets to the main venue for various Tibetans causes. Students for Free Tibet, a very effective and long-standing global presence for Tibetan Freedom is … Continue reading

Kalachakra: Turning the Wheel of Time


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 One purpose of the entire Kalachakra Initiation is to turn the wheel of time, to accelerate our encounter with our own karma. Because the wheel is also symbolic of timeless bliss, we are also presented, as is the intention of … Continue reading

Kalachakra: Preliminaries


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The monks sitting in the glass house are able to sustain chanting for hours on end. There are only minimal breaks of a minute or less before proceeding from one portion of ritual to another. This surely means they are … Continue reading

Kalachakra: Swimming In An Ocean of Benefit


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As the program moved into the teachings on Shantideva’s Way of the Bodhisattva, more people arrive to the covered venue. They are now lining the walkways, even sitting across from each other in the narrow aisles between the corrals. The … Continue reading

Kalachakra: Immersion


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Our first task upon arrival in Bodhgaya was to register for the event and get our ID badges. We found the registration area, but the gate was closed and guarded from the inside. We could see multiple lines waiting to … Continue reading

Real, But Not True


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The other day a friend of mine sent an email describing a gift he’d received for Christmas. He alleged it was a storied intoxicant, a well-known topic of experimentation, poetry and discourse, effective in small measures but dangerous in larger … Continue reading