The Language of Water


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I want to learn the language of water. Surely it is a tongue that will ease the suffering of trying to speak the Babel of this world. It is a language of movement into all places, all conditions, solving and … Continue reading

Elephant Camp


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After much research and processing multiple scheduling considerations, we finally booked a half-day with elephants. Elephant camps are plentiful here in northern Thailand and there is a very evident serious conservation ethic. There are also elephant “shows,” more like a … Continue reading

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2016


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This is the 20th annual Flower Festival. The Flower Festival has entered the Major Leagues. It is now a Very Serious and Important Festival. The past is minor league by comparison. We took up residence near the beginning of the … Continue reading

Silk Factory


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Among our meandering travels into and around Chiangmai, we’ve passed several “silk factories.” Not every one is an actual factory on site. More like a vendor selling both raw fabric as well as handmade and factory made apparel. But we … Continue reading