San Khampaeng


Two weeks ago we left the city. Yes, with its conveniences, entertainment, cultural attractions, social opportunities, modernity, traffic, pollution, density and noise. My beloved Sara arrived. After a week in a hotel room/apartment, negotiating her transition to an unfamiliar culture 14 time zones away, we have moved to the ‘country.’ Even if it’s only 12 km from the centre of Chiangmai, it certainly feels rural, just a half km from the main road, we are in the middle of rice paddy.

In some ways it’s not really so different from the city. It’s quieter, less dense, a spacious property; quite gorgeous, also with a beautiful pool. But not far away from a commercial district that doesn’t look much like a “village” at all. With commercial services, a large food court, large market for fresh fruits and vegetables, not to mention a large variety of prepared foods freshly packaged and jaw-droppingly cheap, plus a reasonably good super market, the convenience is welcome.


The Bo Sang area where we are staying is also a handicraft center. One of the main products is hand painted umbrellas, along with wooden housewares, baskets, rattan and fine hardwood furniture. There is a large variety of arts here and a good deal of it is exported.





Saturday afternoon, we ventured further east to the actual village of San Khampaeng for their weekly “walking street.” We got there a bit early, before the street was closed and stalls had been fully erected. So we strolled into a makeshift massage vendor for the best foot massage yet.

DSC04013   DSC04015

By the time we were done, the street was in full-blown “walking” mode, with vendors lining  both sides and the middle. It was as if everyone on the village was selling something and crowds of browsers were coming from every surrounding town. By the time we left, it was jammed.

DSC04018 DSC04019

DSC04021  DSC04023

Everything you could possibly want was for sale: clothes, shoes, phone, cars, food, produce, spices, baked goods, jewellery, housewares and more.DSC04024DSC04022

The ethnic wear was more apparent here than in Chiangmai shops. Not formal wear or museum quality, but definitely suitable as gifts or for general use. The variety and quality were very good. The feel of this small town was very friendly, very local, authentically and abundantly sweet.

DSC04006  DSC04025

Saturday was the King’s birthday. There were special events everywhere. Fireworks. And of course, at 6pm every day, wherever you are, everything stops to honour the king with the national anthem.

3 thoughts on “San Khampaeng

    • This area is quite laid back. Just did some marketing and lunch in town, visiting maybe 6 different vendors in the open air market who have now seen us several times. It might be dull to be staying here for a longer spell unless one had something to occupy large amounts of time, which we do. So it’s good. That’s also the main reason I am behind in reading your material–of which you are producing more lately.


      • I was in Switzerland around the time you were in France, now back in Delhi. These times of endless hours of nothing much happening are quite valuable…


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