Tanah Lot & Perpisahan, Bali


Completing our last day in Bali, Casey and I were driven to the coast, two hours away and slightly north of Denpasar, to one of the all-time attractions of Bali, the Tanah Lot temple. Tanah Lot is merely the grandest of several temples perched atop rocky outcroppings along the coast here. The entire area is swarming with people, tourists, locals, vendors, pilgrims from other parts of Indonesia. It’s busy! But worth the trip, for sure.

The coast here is rocky cliffs. The surfers are plentiful, the scenery is grand.



A sizeable traveling group of young Indonesian pilgrims is admitted to the temple for ceremony.


Tourists await blessing at the fresh-water spring flowing from the rock. We joined them.

DSC03824  DSC03822


Not the best photo, but the biggest freaking bat-yes, an actual bat- you will ever see, hanging out at the Luwak coffee shop.

Luwak coffee: special coffee whose beans have been ‘processed’ through the digestive system of the Luwak before roasting, grinding and brewing. Have some!

kopi-luwak luwak_02


We sat atop the bluff overlooking the temple, lined with tables for multiple restaurants. The sunset didn’t quite cooperate. The haze is produced by massive fires throughout Indonesia and rendering the Jakarta air quality unbreathable, but it didn’t entirely dampen the experience. Definitely worth the trip.

After putting Casey on a plane, I spent the next couple of days sampling Kuta, which is actually (virtually) an Australian beach-party town. A samsaric surfing & hedonist paradise in which one is accosted (solicited) every 5 meters. I won’t be back. But still, the ceremonial happenings at the beach at sunset were appealing.




IMG_0190  IMG_0189


Perpisahan, Bali.

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