Offering baskets

On our last day in Bali, Casey and I took off on the scooter north of Ubud on one of the roads toward Kintimani. I decided to go as far as Payangan, which looked like a sizeable village and was no more than 15 km away. When we got there, we stopped at the market. I hadn’t seen one of these at all when we were in the city, so it was a chance to explore.




Everything packaged: noodles, eggs, spices, baked goods, dried fruits, etc


Actual goldfish in plastic bags.


Dragon fruit


Lots of coconut things and pastries


Ginger, galanga, etc.




Garlic, shallots and chili!


A whole thing.

We took off on a side road on our return trip because the signs looked interesting. We passed a pura, a temple that looked interesting. We stopped and walked in. There was a single elder there watching TV. We looked around, enjoyed the view over a deep canyon. The older man engaged us, wanting to tell us the story of the temple. He said it was built by his grandfather a hundred years ago as a family temple, but it looks underused at the moment.

I asked why the small towers or the pavilions within the temple were wrapped with fabric that looked like skirting. He said the temple is the body of the god and that it requires food and clothing like humans.


He proceeded to further expound on the basic tenets of the religious practices there and everywhere in Bali. We had personal instruction on overcoming ego, developing right intention and action and overcoming our negative tendencies.


Mr. Tjok Oka, proprietor.


4 thoughts on “Payangan

  1. Payangan is where I stay when in Bali. It is quiet with almost no tourists. The market is bustling every third day when farmers from all over the island sell their fresh produce. Glad you made it there.

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    • What got our attention when we went off to the west from Payangan was the Nandini resort, visible from across that ravine from the pura. I imagine you know of it. Quite something. I didn’t realise you stayed that far from Ubud.


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