Is It Time for An Ice Museum?


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A close friend recently shared an extended big-screen masterful photographic record of his trip to Greenland. The next day I was trying to sleep on a trans-Pacific flight, slouching into my economy seat and drifting into semi-consciousness. The catalog of … Continue reading

On the Road Again…


Tomorrow I depart for Thailand. Again. It’s been a long and busy summer, full of creative pursuits, travel, family connection, romance, learning and lots of contemplation. At the beginning of the summer, having just returned from 5 months of travel, … Continue reading

Why I Came to California


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This is a small personal story that spans many years. Ultimately, it is an affirming story of a period of personal struggle and how others operate on us across time and space without having any idea of the effect of … Continue reading



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I have no doubt that many people have had extraordinary experiences of altered consciousness: a temporary radical change in their sense of self, their view of reality or even extended moments of uncommon visual, sensory, auditory or even dream sequences … Continue reading



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  When we talk of Belonging, we are likely to think first of personal psychological issues. Do we feel part of a family, a group, a community? Are we connected to a place? Whom do we belong to? We may … Continue reading