Arches National Park

DSC03370 the Parthenon before Greece in stone

the Colliseum before Rome in stone
DSC03402royalty waiting at a bus stop in stone

George Washington from mars in stone

abandoned ships from the future buried

in stone

cities in stone

lost technologies in stone

petrified dunes on an impossible beach

a drug-induced carnival ride in stone

fantasy feral felines in stone

Pharaoh’s throne in stone



fins from an ocean of extinction in stone

silent prows moored in a sandstone marina

Conestoga wagons in stone heading across the plain


harbor seals in stone, elephants, jaguars

alien deities, mad carvings, unfinished temples in stone

weathered hieroglyphs in sheer rock faces

Giza as child’s play in stone

the pinched faces of slumbering giants in stone

God’s sandcastle in stone



the universal secrets of flesh, love and desire

our softest places folding outward and inward in stone


the Easter Island of the American west

beehives in stone

wrinkles, creases and cracks

arcs of air and waterDSC03384

the balancing act of thunder and lightning in stoneDSC03381

the ancient bones of a leviathan

drying in the sun


the Courthouse in stone standing for Truth

the Law standing against 

our feeble monuments to facility

our delusional ideal of permanence

here in the flesh

the window of deep time 



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