The One Song

       The One Song
whales in guam and whales in baja
sing a different song every year
they are singing the same song
a twenty minute ditty with non-repeating lyrics
at the same time all together
a song that no single whale makes up or
decides for all the others
is the one to be sung this year
the one that no single whale could propagate across
what we imagine to be great distances
through a medium we call water
which is actually a space that is unknown to us
buried deeper than any secret
not the space of separation we think we know
between objects that we believe are real
but a different space
a field that knows no distance or time
the empty shimmering luminous field
that only makes itself known to us in brief dreams
lying as it does within the heart of each singing
whale and in each of us
always listening for us
when all things we construct
all silences we lean into and drown
out so loudly like uninvited relatives
the thing that wants us to listen right now
more than anything is our own song
the changing inscrutably common melody
unknown to any single person
compelling each to sing


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