Donating to Nepal

I should say right off the top that I am no expert here and do not claim to have inside information. I’m just making some observations from the ground and from local news.

Perhaps we all have some reticence about making donations because we are concerned that they might not reach those truly in need. But here, the easy part is that there’s a great deal of need. That’s also the hard part.

The government seems to be getting its act together a little better now, moving large quantities of aid to areas in great need. The government will work at that scale. Also, the army and police are the only ones equipped to reach more remote areas to assess, provide relief and recovery. Medical teams from a number of nations are at the disposal of the government as well and are probably increasing their effectiveness as we speak.

So there are several possible ways to go:

1. Give to large international relief organizations like Oxfam and Mercy Corps. I have no specific knowledge of how the International Red Cross is operating here.

2. Give to local emergency funds, such as:

The Kantipur National Crisis Assistance Fund, set up by The Kantipur Media Group, via direct transfer of funds to Account #0010002231 at Century Bank, Nepal.

An account set up by a coalition of the majority political parties (Congress Party-United Marxist Leninist Party) #0210300717917910 at the Agriculture Development Bank, also by direct transfer.

3. Avaaz is supporting a local NGO, or through other direct vehicles to local NGOs, such as

There is relief work happening at all levels, from International, Government, local NGO and via Nepal’s many, many youth groups. The donations to will go to one of those latter groups.

Choose wisely and with full heart. There is much to do.

Meanwhile, the looting of the remains of treasured historical sites continues. Anger rises about lack of promised transportation out of the city (400K and counting have already left) and the inexplicable delay on the part of some elected officials in making personal visits to devastated areas. Rumor runs rampant. Latent dissatisfaction with the government is finding its way to the surface.

Please propagate this message. Thanks.