A little Nepali poetry


Here are five short poems written by a young Nepali I met at the Battarai’s house last week, Subas Neupane.

They are notable to me because this is a person writing poetry in his second language. He is clearly not a native english speaker. So his grammar or his punctuation may seem unusual, but in a curiously provocative way it all seems to work for a writer expressing himself in a second language and for a reader trying to bridge the cultural and language gap to experience what is being said here…as if such interpretive effort even matters. As if there is a right way to understand. But that’s the beauty of it for me. There can be no right way. Listen with your body.

My life is colourless
And I paint my life with transparency
Which is only made of truth

The factory of truth is closed nowday,
So I could not buy my favourite colour
To show the world I am painted
I am using opaque colour
Even it is known as false

My life is no more colourless
Its visible with false and
People prefers to see me colourful
I tried to be colourless but
I am colourful.

Last Goodbye

It’s always hard to wave your hand
For the last time to the person you love
You can feel the force of gravity.

The unwillingness that breaks you
preserved memories in beating heart
projects you the dream you saw

Just a word and its over
what really is making you pain
the loss of person or detachment

When you are reminded, your distinct heart
that deserves someone priceless
then, it’s not a last goodbye


My red telephone was costly

When I purchased it

But look at it now

No calls, no tone

Lying still in my table

I wish It was alive

could not  hear its ring

and, Its silence is killing me

Maybe people erased my number

No, its just my mute telephony

A noble man with French beard

 What is he doing here?

a noble man
With his deep intentions
Searching for existence

His beard doesn’t match geography
where he belong
lonely as he used to be
accompanied by his feelings

dreams and desire of that man
and its irreplaceable
A noble man
With French beard…

My worldly possessions

 What i have achieved, what i have not

i posses and i do

Will it be enough?

Will i stop here?

No, i will continue to gather

May be part of expiry life and

Alexander too conquered  6 feet in his lifetime

As a reward of his lifetime deeds

Its not too late

What i have achieved, what i have not..

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