2 thoughts on “Karma: a thing of the past?

  1. Thank you for writing this enlightening post. I never really understood karma (I still don’t :3), and I knew there was more to it than the dualistic view we Westerners take. I now understand something of the nature of its simply being part of the web of (the nondualistic or authentic) life.

    “It is the trust we cultivate in ourselves in this absolute moment, the confidence of knowing that whatever happens, we can respond with grace.” How beautiful.

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    • Thanks. Yeah, I also think it’s complicated and I sure don’t claim to understand it either, but I do think the idea of direct causality is a seductive trap. The other thing that’s very difficult to grasp is that all actions are equal in nature. As you said on your site, we “can’t know whether our actions are good or bad.” That’s because in an absolute sense, they are neither.

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