A sweet aside….


I used to frequent a sweet little cafe next to my original hotel here. There was hardly ever anyone there.  I would sit in a comfortable chair gazing directly through the open facade toward the street, sipping a cappuccino and invariably working on my computer. Across the street was what looked like a dress shop. It became evident one day that it was a small dance studio and the proprietor was a teacher of one of Thailand’s most beautiful art forms: traditional Thai dance.  I briefly watched two little girls receiving a lesson and practicing.


Today I dropped by the studio. One of the office staff from the hotel across the street just happened to be standing at a food stall nearby, so I asked her to help me communicate with the teacher. I found out there was a class later that afternoon with 2 girls. I asked if I could watch. She said yes, so I showed up an hour later and what I witnessed was a session with two sisters, age four and five, with their mother present. I sat and moved quietly, snapping nearly 70 photos as they practiced together and separately.

Witnessing this lesson was one of the most sublime moments of my entire time here. The sweetness was just indescribable. The pictures speak for themselves.


DSC00824 DSC00826DSC00828               DSC00846      DSC00851

DSC00850     DSC00853

DSC00835   DSC00837

DSC00857          DSC00859

DSC00863    DSC00815

DSC00873   DSC00817



DSC00875     DSC00830


What these girls were doing, keeping to the music and staying together for a complicated routine, and for being so young, was so amazing to watch. I could have died happy at that very moment.

©2015 Gary Horvitz. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “A sweet aside….

  1. Lovely! Appreciate your sharing! On the run this morning – swimming – blog/poem – late for class😔 Look forward to connecting later! Peace XO, Me

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  2. This is very sweet and brings back memories when I was given Burmese dance lessons from one of the masters in Rangoon. I was about the same age.


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