Market food: I thought it was a baby carrot.

In some respects, the markets here are not for the faint of heart. It’s one thing to have fruits and vegetables laying out, mostly covered, but sometimes partially exposed to the sun, for hours at a time. It’s another to have fresh meat exposed– at all. But there’s no pre-packaging here that I’ve noticed, except in the higher end Tops Market. Meat vendors are gathered in a single area, enclosed, covered and separated from all other vendors, although not in any sanitary way that I’m used to.

Here’s a sampling:





Dried fish




Nuts and dried fruits




Prepared foods in the markets rival anything you can buy on the street. There’s also more space for variety and display at the vast Wararot and the Siri Wattana markets. I like the prepared foods in the markets better than the street.





A pad thai "bar"

A pad thai “bar”

A meal in a bag

A meal in a bag

There are also food sources that are not markets, but they aren’t exactly restaurants either. For example, there is the food court in the Huey Kaew Tops Market, where you can order soup with 7 choices of noodles and three choices of broth.


There is also a large and varied food court in the basement level of the Maya Mall.  I had a delicious dish for lunch there today: eggplant and green bean entrees with rice. One of them had a very inviting little baby carrot in it. I wolfed it down. But no. It was no carrot. It was a Thai Nitro Tasty little chili. Ka-boom!

Thai orange chili



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4 thoughts on “Market food: I thought it was a baby carrot.

  1. Many things I’m familiar with here, the food court in the basement of Maya mall for one. It’s near to where I’ll be staying when I arrive on Sunday 01 March. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other…


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