Since virtually all the shops here are open-air and merchandise is creatively displayed under canopies and all is visible on passing, I’ve been continuously struck by the diversity, color and design of both traditional Thai costume and the contemporary version of culture.

Here’s some variety, from the formal to the informal. These first set of pics are of formal Thai costume appropriate for special events. All of these were taken in a single shop owned by a young designer/photographer who also had a portfolio of his creations for weddings, etc., each more beautiful than the last. Here’s a sampling:

DSC00323          DSC00324

DSC00325       DSC00326

These ensembles are less formal, but still traditional dress-up:

DSC00077         DSC00339

DSC00343     DSC00341

And slightly less formal:

DSC00286        DSC00340

DSC00338        DSC00287

There’s more ethnic stuff:

DSC00337     DSC00342

And then there’s the wow of everyday:

DSC00378     DSC00379

DSC00352  DSC00351

DSC00377   DSC00350

Then there are these things, which tourists seem to love. But I don’t see Thais wearing them.


You want red? We got red:


And oh, the shoes:




The end.



4 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Looks like Thai silk is still Thai silk. Contrast with the phase in New York business attire back in the 90s when women wore all black.


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